I understand the world is full of ugly truths that need to be said. I understand we’re not made to process life on a strictly black or white scale with virtually no spectrum. I understand it’s unfair that daily we make people pay for the mistakes of others. I understand that the hurt that entered…

+Menstruation: What is the evolutionary or biological purpose of having periods?


This is horrifying hahaha. (Via @amberbenson)

This is the exact reason why I will adopt instead of choosing to let an humanoid parasite suck me dry for 9 months.

That and there are too many orphans in need of a home that Mother Earth can sustain without adding more parasitic humans to the mix.

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+Found this link for you on Tumblr

I need o find a David now. Any takers? :D

Resolution for 2014: Be a person again.

Something I won’t tell my closest companion: At any time of the day, I can find myself near to tears. It’s easy to find something to feel guilty about because I deserve to feel guilty.